Optimized product to efficiently label the plasma membranes of live cells


Technical Features

  • Fusogenic liposomes are carriers for lipophilic dyes to label cellular plasma membranes by fusion
  • Superb fusion efficiency of 80 to 100% independent of the cell type used
  • Fusion process is completed within 1 to 10 minutes with superior biocompatibility
  • Various emission spectra available depending on experimental needs


  • Live cell labeling for any kind of microscopic technique.
  • Labeling of single cell types for co-culture experiments.
  • Labeling of cells for flow cytometry and FACs.
  • Biotechnological and therapeutic approaches.

After fusion, cells can be analyzed immediately. Cell labeling by fusion is a highly superior technique to any other labeling product available. It is extremely efficient, leading to sufficient labeling densities within seconds for most cell types. Labeling works on adhered cells as well as on cells in suspension, independent of the medium conditions used.

fuse it color bilder

CHO cells labeled with Fuse-Itgreen (top, left), Fuse-It red (top, right), Fuse-Itd-red (bottom, left) and Fuse-ItIR (bottom, right)  1 min after application.

Ordering information

Cat. No. Description                                                                                   Pcs./Box
60200 / 60201 Fuse-It green, ready to use, 100 μl / 400 μl solution, 3 mM, green green fluorescent 1
60202 / 60203 Fuse-It red, ready to use, 100 μl / 400 μl solution, red fluorescent 1
60204 / 60205 Fuse-It red, ready to use, 100 μl / 400 μl solution, dark red fluorescent 1
60206 / 60207 Fuse-It IR, ready to use, 100 μl / 400 μl solution, infrared fluorescent 1


Concentration             3 mM

Storage                       -20°C

Shelf life                     6 months

ExMax/EmMax        484/501 nm (green), 549/565 nm (red), 644/665 nm (dark red), 750/780 nm (IR)



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