Fuse-It products are universally applicable delivery systems to induce new functions in mammalian cells by the incorporation of various types of molecules. Due to the amphiphilic properties of the lipid bilayer, the basic structure of our carrier particles, both hydrophobic as well as hydrophilic components of interest can be loaded into Fuse–It systems and delivered with high efficiency into mammalian cells. The following applications have already been implemented with specifically optimized products:

  • Live cell labeling for fluorescent imaging techniques (e.g. microscopy, spectrophotometry, flow cytometry). For in vitro cells use Fuse-It-Color.
  • Conjugate any avidin linked species to the cell surface by functionalizing the cell with biotin containing Fuse-It-B and subsequent biotin-avidin coupling.
  • Re-incorporatelipids into biosynthesis deficient mutant cells  using Fuse-It-L.
  • Fuse-It-T is a proprietary eagent for stable biocompatible plasma membrane labeling of thick layers of a wide range of live cells and tissues
  • Biotechnological and therapeutic approaches using activated or functionalized micro- and nano beads delivered by Fuse-It-Beads.
  • Transfer labeled proteins, protein fragments or peptides into living cells with Fuse-It-P for functional imaging, single molecule analysis, or therapeutic purposes.
  • Beneficial alternative to transient plasmid tranfection using Fuse-It-mRNAand Fuse-It-mRNA easy.
  • Fuse-It-siRNA for rapid and efficient gene silencing in living cells – the improvement of siRNA transfection.

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