Optimized product to biotinylate surfaces of living cellsOptimized product to biotinylate the surfaces of living cells

Technical Features

  • Fusogenic liposomes are used as carriers to transfer biotinylated lipids from liposomes into the plasma membrane of cells by fusion.
  • Superb fusion efficiency of 80 to 100% independent of the cell type used.
  • Fusion process completed within 1 to 20 minutes with superior biocompatibility.


  • Cell surface functionalization and targeting using biotin-avidin coupling
  • Cell separation using avidin coated magnetic beads
  • Attachment of living cells to distinct pre-coated surfaces
  • Tremendous biotechnological and therapeutic approaches

After fusion cells can be used immediately for further analysis. Biotin can be visualized by anti-biotin antibodies or bound to avidin, neutravidin and streptavidin, respectively. Depending on experimental needs, fusion can be detected by fluorescence.

CHO cells fused with Fuse-It-B (red) and subsequent binding of avidin-alexa488 (green)CHO cells fused with Fuse-It-B (red) and subsequent binding of avidin-alexa488 (green)

Ordering information

Cat. No. Description                                                                        Price
60322 Fuse-It-B, ready to use, 100 μl solution, IR fluorescent 180 €
60323 Fuse-It-B, ready to use, 400 μl solution, IR fluorescent 580 €


Concentration             3 mM

Storage                       -20°C

Shelf life                     6 months

ExMax/EmMax              750/780 (IR)


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