R_6032X_FuseIt_Beads_RGBOptimized product to transfer beads and particles into the cytoplasm of living cells

Technical Features

  • Fusogenic liposomes are used as carriers for beads and other types of particles to transfer them into the cytoplasm of cells by fusion of liposomal and plasma membrane.
  • Incorporation of beads with diameters from some nm to a few µm is possible with high efficiency
  • Superb fusion efficiency of 80 to 100% is independent of the cell type used
  • Fusion processes are completed within 1 to 20 minutes with superior biocompatibility


  • Magnetic µm-bead incorporation e.g. for magnetic tweezer experiments
  • Cell purification assays using e.g. paramagnetic nm-beads
  • Incorporation of antibody coupled particles for labelling, speckle microscopy, electron microscopy, etc. analysis of nanoparticle effects on cell behavior.
  • Biotechnological and therapeutic approaches using activated or functionalized beads

After fusion cells can be used immediately for further analysis. Multiple bead or single bead transfer is possible, depending on incubation time and bead concentration. Transfer of positively charged beads can affect fusion efficiency. Depending on experimental needs, fusion can be detected by fluorescence.

Fuse-It-beads_zoomCHO cells fused with Fuse-It-beads for 2 minutes with M-270 magnetic Dynabeads.

Ordering information

Cat. No. Description                                                                              Price
60420 Fuse-It-Beads, ready to use, 100 μl solution, IR fluorescent 180 €
60421 Fuse-It-Beads, ready to use, 400 μl solution, IR fluorescent 580 €


Concentration          3 mM

Storage                     -20°C

Shelf life                    6 months

ExMax/EmMax            750/780 nm



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