Fuse-It-mRNA easy

A fusion reagent for rapid transfection of mRNA into the cytoplasm of living cells

Fuse-It-mRNA easy

  • NEW: no sonication step required
  • Immediate mRNA translation—protein synthesis detectable after 15–30 minutes
  • Highly efficient and biocompatible, especially in primary cells (e.g., neurons or HUVECs) and stem cells



  • mRNA translation and degradation studies
  • Protein biochemistry studies: synthesis, folding, processing, stability, localization, degradation
  • mRNA transfer into primary cells without generating genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • Genome engineering by RNA-only CRISPR/Cas technology

Technical Features

  • Lipofection-independent transfer of mRNA into living cells
  • mRNA transfer completed within 5–20 minutes
  • No endocytosis involved
  • No lysosomal degradation needed
  • No gene transfer to the nucleus
  • Protocol optimized for the transfer of functionally capped and polyadenylated mRNA
  • No Biosafety Laboratory Level 1 or 2 necessary
  • Excellent biocompatibility with low cytotoxicity

Efficiency of mRNA Expression in Various Cell Types After Treatment with Fuse-It-mRNA easy

Cell Type Organism Incubation Time Efficiency of mRNA Expression*
Primary Cells
nHEK, foreskin human 8 min 70–90%
Cortical neurons, embryonic (adherent) rat 10 min 40–60%
HFF human 10 min 50–70%
Cell Lines
A549 human 10 min 80–100%
CHO-K1 hamster 10 min 80–100%
Beas-2B human 8 min 80–100%
3T3 murine 8 min 80–100%
MEF wildtype murine 10 min 70–90%
HT-1080 human 10 min 80–100%
HUH-7 human 8 min 70–90%
MCF-10A human 10 min 70–90%
Rat1 rat 10 min 80–100%
THP-1 (suspension) human 3 min 70–90%

* The mRNA expression efficiency may vary, depending on further experimental factors (e.g., culture medium, cell fitness, passage number, and protocol optimization).

Ordering information

Cat. No. Description Price
60505 Fuse-It-mRNA easy, infrared fluorescent: 2 x 150 µl solution 230 €
60506 Fuse-It-mRNA easy, infrared fluorescent: 2 x 300 µl solution 395 €




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