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fusion based cell manipulation

incorporation of almost any type of molecules

beniag: A new dimension in fusion based live cell manipulation

beniag provides unique and highly efficient solutions to incorporate molecules into living cells and tissue in vitro. Based on membrane fusion as a completely novel and patented transfer mechanism, beniag liposomes offer an outstanding opportunity for customers to incorporate almost any type of molecule or aggregate with extremely high incorporation efficiency and reaction speed. Check out our products and learn more about membrane fusion.

Our NEW Product: Fuse-It-mRNA

A fusion reagent used to rapidly transfer mRNA into the cytoplasm of living cells. Immediate mRNA translation - protein synthesis detectable after 15-30 minutes. Highly efficient, especially in primary cells (e.g., neurons or HUVECs) and stem cells. Fastest mRNA delivery - no endocytosis or lysosomal degradation; no gene transfer into the nucleus needed. Extremely low cytotoxicity.