Fuse-It-P for Protein Transfection


Optimized product to transfer water soluble proteins into the cytoplasm of living cells

Technical Features

  • The lumen of fusogenic liposomes is used as carrier for water soluble proteins to transfer them into the cytoplasm of cells by fusion of liposomal and plasma membranes
  • Superb fusion efficiency of 80 to 100% independent of cell type used
  • Fusion process completed within 1 to 20 minutes with superior biocompatibility
  • Optimized for low and intermediateamounts of protein to prevent concentration induced artifacts in cell behavior


  • Transfer of labeled proteins, protein fragments, or peptides, into living cells for functional imaging, speckle analysis, FRAP, single molecule analysis, etc.
  • Incorporation of antibodies or blocking antibodies into living cells
  • Blockade, induction or replacement of protein regulated signal cascades
  • Re-incorporation of proteins into mutant cells
  • Biotechnological and therapeutic approaches

After fusion, cells can be used immediately for further analysis. Transferred proteins are immediately active inside the cells. Since proteins are freed directly into the cytoplasm. no partial or complete lysosomal degradation can occur as is typical for other endosomal-uptake dependent proteofection methods. Transfer of heavily charged proteins can affect fusion efficiency. Depending on experimental needs, fusion can be tracked by fluorescence.

Fuse-It-PFuse-It-P liposomes were filled with GFP and fused with giant unilamellar vesicles (red) resulting in GFP transfer into their lumen (green).

Ordering information

Cat. No. Description Net price excl. value added tax
60220 Fuse-It-P, ready to use, 100 μl solution, IR fluorescent 193 €
60221 Fuse-It-P, ready to use, 4 x 25 μl solution, IR fluorescent 217 €
60222 Fuse-It-P, ready to use, 400 μl solution, IR fluorescent 665 €
60223 Fuse-It-P, ready to use, 4 x 100 μl solution, IR fluorescent 665 €


Concentration             3 mM

Storage                       -20°C

Shelf life                     6 months

ExMax/EmMax                750/780 nm


MSDS Fuse-It-P


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