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Fuse-It products are based on incorporation of small liposomal carriers into the plasma membrane of mammalian cells. This novel technique allows molecular transfer independent of biological processes such as endocytosis, pinocytosis, or specific receptor binding. Instead, our liposomal carriers attach to cells and instantly fuse with the plasma membrane in a physico-chemical driven manner. This fundamental mechanism facilitates Fuse-It product fusion with nearly any mammalian cell surface immediately upon contact. Furthermore, this mechanism provides the unique possibility to incorporate different classes of molecules either via the liposomal lumen or molecules incorporated directly in the liposomal membrane without impeding the general fusion mechanism. Systematic adaptations on liposome composition to general characteristics of molecular classes always guarantee fusion efficiencies in the 80 to 100% regime – and this within seconds to a few minutes. Fuse-It products are fully biocompatible and fusion efficiency can be visualized and quantified after, or even during, fusion using a variety of marker dyes. This variety ensures that fusion assessment will not interfere with established immunocytochemistry or live-cell fluorescence microscopy. Due to the very short incubation needed, formerly unachievable reduction in off-target effects are now a matter of course using Fuse-It products.

Depending on the desired molecular class, the Fuse-It line offers specifically optimized incorporation Fuse-It formulations (Products). Fuse-It systems further outperform alternative delivery methods by being versatile enough to fuse with cells in suspension and robust enough to fuse in the presence of serum containing medium, again preventing off-target effects.

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