Optimized product to incorporate lipids or amphipathic molecules into the plasma membrane of living cells by fusion


Technical Features

  • Fusogenic liposomes used as carriers to transfer lipids or amphipathic molecules from liposomal membranes into the cell plasma membrane
  • Superb fusion efficiency of 80 to 100% independent of the cell type used
  • Fusion process completed within 1 to 10 minutes with superior biocompatibility


  • Lipid imaging for turnover, traffic, and functional analyses in living cells
  • Lipid raft, lipid microdomain, and lipid diffusivity measurements in living cells
  • Blockade, induction, or replacement of lipid induced/regulated signal cascades
  • Re-incorporation of lipids into mutant cells whose lipid biosynthesis is altered

After fusion cells can be used immediately for further analysis. If necessary more than just one lipid of interest can be incorporated at once. Depending on experimental needs, fusion can be detected by fluorescence.

Fuse-It-LBodipy FL C12-galactocerebroside and TopFluor cholesterol were incorporated into the plasma membrane of CHO cells using Fuse-It-L after 5 minutes of incubation.

Ordering information

Cat. No. Description                                                                         Net price excl. value added tax
60210 Fuse-It-L, lyophilized, for 100 μl solution, IR fluorescent 160 €
60211 Fuse-It-L, lyophilized, for 4 x 25 μl solution, IR fluorescent 180 €


Concentration             3 mM

Storage                       -20°C

Shelf life                     6 months as solution

ExMax/EmMax             750/780 nm


MSDS Fuse-It-L


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