Fuse-It-siRNA for siRNA Transfection

Optimized fusion product to transfer siRNA into living cells for rapid and efficient gene silencing

  • Exceptionally efficient siRNA transfection, especially in primary and non-dividing cells, such as keratinocytes
  • Extremely low cytotoxicity
  • Fastest siRNA delivery—no endocytosis or lysosomal degradation

Technical Features

  • Lipofection-independent transfer of siRNA into living cells
  • Fast siRNA transfection into the cytoplasm: no endocytosis, no lysosomal degradation, and no gene transfer to the nucleus
  • siRNA transfer completed within 5-20 minutes
  • Small amount of siRNA is sufficient for effective knockdown
  • Excellent biocompatibility because of low cytotoxicity
  • siRNA transfer into cells without generating genetically modified organisms (GMO)


  • Gene silencing / Protein knockdown

Fuse-It-siRNA Results in Extremely Fast siRNA Transfer and Highly Efficient Knockdown of GFP

Transiently GFP-expressing CHO-K1 cells were fused with Fuse-It-siRNA vesicles containing Silencer® GFP (eGFP) siRNA (Thermo Fisher Scientific) for 8 minutes. In contrast to the control cells, GFP was almost completely diminished in Fuse-It-siRNA-treated cells 18 hours after the transfer.

Membrane Fusion – The Direct Path to Gene Silencing

Ordering information

Cat. No. Description Net price excl. value added tax  
60510 Fuse-It-siRNA, infrared fluorescent: 2 x 150 µl solution 278 €  
60511 Fuse-It-siRNA, infrared fluorescent: 2 x 300 µl solution 483 €  


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