Optimized product to transfer plasmid DNA into living cells

Technical FeaturesDNA Transfection

  • Fusogenic liposomes are used as carriers for the transfer of plasmid DNA into a wide range of mammalian cells
  • Based on very short incubation times, the transfer of DNA occurs in a very mild fashion
  • Highly efficient, also in non-proliferating cells (e.g. cardiomyocytes)
  • Very easy to perform with superior biocompatibility for the cells
  • Protein synthesis is detectable after 24 hours


  • Protein biochemistry studies: synthesis, folding, processing, stability, localization, degradation

20 hours after transfection (efficiency of 30-95%, dependent of cell type used) first protein signal is already detectable and can be analyzed.

  Efficiency of GFP expression after the transfer of eGFP-DNA plasmid into Hela cells using Fuse-It-DNA compared to well known competitors.

The eGFP amount increases and remains stable for more than 6 days.

Ordering information

Cat. No. Description Price  
60600 Fuse-It-DNA,  2 x 150 µl solution 250 €  
60601 Fuse-It-DNA,  2 x 300 µl solution 450 €  




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